Honest Demon is a new Montreal based independent video game company. We are a very small team of passionate gamers who want to make games that are fun and uplifting. The video game industry as evolved a lot in the last decade, but for some of us, not all the changes are positive. From endless microtransactions to recently NFTs, we are here to make games that are just simply fun to play. We believe that games are here as a means to escape reality and relax and we want to make the best escape we can.

"If it's not fun, why bother"
- Reggie Fils Aime

We also believe in the transparency between game makers and gamers. We make all our progress and timelines visible to the public and welcome feedback from the audience during development. We also plan, after our first title "The Last Citadel" releases to the public, to post the number of sales the game made. The objective is to build trust between our audience and ourselves, but also to inform and educate the younger audience, who might want to go into game development, on how games are made from start to finish. 



After completing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Concordia University with a major in game development, Martin went on to work at a small studio making video games. He quickly got a position as a Lead Game Developer and led a small team for over 2 years. After this experience, Martin decided to leave to form his own studio making games.

Honest Demon is his passion project with the goal of bringing fun games to all, but also to educate the younger generations on the game development process. 


QA by profession, gamer by passion.

Studied as a programmer, works as a QA, and now fills the role of Community Manager.
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